Lightweight Robot Utility Library
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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  aminoAmino include files
  optOptimization SUpport
 lp.hLinear optimization
 opt.hGeneral optimization routines
 qp.hQuadratic optimization
  rxScene Graph support
 rxerr.hError codes and functions
 rxtype.hScenegraph-related type declarations
 scene_collision.hCollision checking
 scene_dyn.hScenegraph dynamics support
 scene_fcl.hFCL-specific collision checking
 scene_geom.hGeometric objects (shapes and meshes)
 scene_gl.hOpenGL Support
 scene_kin.hScenegraph kinematics
 scene_planning.hMotion Planning
 scene_plugin.hDynamically load compiled scene graphs
 scene_sdl.hSDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) support
 scene_win.hSDL/OpenGL window management
 scenegraph.hThe scenegraph data structure
 wavefront.hWavefront OBJ/MTL mesh parser
 endconv.hRoutines to convert numbers to different endian formats
 heap.hSimple Heap / Heapsort
 la.hLinear algebra routines
 math.hNumerical routines
 mem.hMemory Management
 mem.hppC++ Memory Management
 rx.hInclude all scene graph headers
 tf.hLow-level operations for SE(3) orientations and transformations
 tf.hppObject types for SE(3) representations
 validate.hValidation of data
 amino.hTop-level include file