Lightweight Robot Utility Library
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scene_plugin.h File Reference

Dynamically load compiled scene graphs. More...

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typedef struct aa_rx_sg *(* aa_rx_dl_sg_fun )(struct aa_rx_sg *sg)
 Type signature of compiled scene graph functions.
typedef struct aa_rx_mesh *(* aa_rx_dl_mesh_fun )(void)
 Type signature of compiled mesh functions.


AA_API struct aa_rx_mesh * aa_rx_dl_mesh (const char *filename, const char *name)
 Dynamically load a compiled mesh.
AA_API struct aa_rx_sgaa_rx_dl_sg (const char *filename, const char *name, struct aa_rx_sg *scenegraph)
 Dynamically load a compiled scene graph. More...

Detailed Description

Dynamically load compiled scene graphs.

See also

Definition in file scene_plugin.h.

Function Documentation

AA_API struct aa_rx_sg* aa_rx_dl_sg ( const char *  filename,
const char *  name,
struct aa_rx_sg scenegraph 

Dynamically load a compiled scene graph.

This function dynamically loads the scene graph plugin (via dlopen()), looks up the symbol for the scene graph load function (via dlsym()), and calls the function to load the scene graph.

filenameThe name of the shared object, passed directly as the first parameter to dlopen().
nameThe name of the scene graph, as specified in the prior call to the scene graph compiler. Used to construct the symbol argument for dlsym().
scenegraphAn initial scenegraph to which the loaded scenegraph will be added, or NULL.