Lightweight Robot Utility Library
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NaminoAmino namespace
 CAxisAngleAn axis-angle object
 CDualQuatA dual quaternion object
 CQuatA quaternion object
 CQuatTranA rotation quaternion and translation vector object
 CRegionAllocatorAn STL allocator that allocates out of a memory region
 CRegionListTypedefs for STL lists using region allocator
 CRegionMapTypedefs for STL map using region allocator
 CRegionVectorTypedefs for STL vector using region allocator
 CRotMatA rotation matrix object
 CScopedMutexLocks mutex on construction, unlocks on destruction
 CTfMatA transformation matrix object
 CVec3A vector of length 3
 CXAngleA rotation about the X axis
 CYAngleA rotation about the Y axis
 CZAngleA rotation about the Z axis
 Caa_circbuf_tCircular buffers use a fixed-size array that acts as if connected end-to end
 Caa_flexbuf_tA buffer struct
 Caa_mem_consA "cons" cell
 Caa_mem_pool_tData Structure for Object pools
 Caa_mem_regionData Structure for Region-Based memory allocation
 Caa_mem_region_nodeA single block of memory to be parceled out by the region allocator
 Caa_mem_rlistA linked list allocated out of a memory region
 Caa_ode_sol_optsOptions for the differential equation solver
 Caa_plot_optsOptions for a plot
 Caa_rx_geomContainer for scene geometry
 Caa_rx_sgOpaque type for a scene_graph
 Caa_rx_shape_boxShape for a box
 Caa_rx_shape_coneShape for a cone
 Caa_rx_shape_cylinderShape for a cylinder
 Caa_rx_shape_gridShape for a grid
 Caa_rx_shape_sphereShape for a sphere
 Caa_rx_winOpaque type for a window
 Caa_sdl_display_paramsParameters for SDL display function
 Caa_sys_affine_tContext-struct for function aa_sys_affine
 Caa_tf_axangAxis-Angle rotation
 Caa_tf_duquMemory layout for a dual quaternion
 Caa_tf_dxMemory layout for an SE(3) velocity
 Caa_tf_eulerzyxMemory layout for an Euler Angle in ZYX (yaw-pitch-roll) format
 Caa_tf_quatMemory layout for a quaternion, x,y,z,w order
 Caa_tf_qvMemory layout for a Transformation as rotation quaternion and translation vector
 Caa_tf_qv_dxTransform and spatial velocity
 Caa_tf_rotmatMemory layout for a rotation matrix
 Caa_tf_tfmatMemory layout for a transformation matrix
 Caa_tf_vec3Memory layout for a vector of length 3