Lightweight Robot Utility Library
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Caa_circbuf_tCircular buffers use a fixed-size array that acts as if connected end-to end
 Caa_flexbuf_tA buffer struct
 Caa_mem_consA "cons" cell
 Caa_mem_pool_tData Structure for Object pools
 Caa_mem_regionData Structure for Region-Based memory allocation
 Caa_mem_region_nodeA single block of memory to be parceled out by the region allocator
 Caa_mem_rlistA linked list allocated out of a memory region
 Caa_ode_sol_optsOptions for the differential equation solver
 Caa_plot_optsOptions for a plot
 Caa_rx_geomContainer for scene geometry
 Caa_rx_sgOpaque type for a scene_graph
 Caa_rx_shape_boxShape for a box
 Caa_rx_shape_coneShape for a cone
 Caa_rx_shape_cylinderShape for a cylinder
 Caa_rx_shape_gridShape for a grid
 Caa_rx_shape_sphereShape for a sphere
 Caa_rx_winOpaque type for a window
 Caa_sdl_display_paramsParameters for SDL display function
 Caa_sys_affine_tContext-struct for function aa_sys_affine
 Caa_tf_axangAxis-Angle rotation
 Camino::AxisAngleAn axis-angle object
 Caa_tf_duquMemory layout for a dual quaternion
 Camino::DualQuatA dual quaternion object
 Caa_tf_dxMemory layout for an SE(3) velocity
 Caa_tf_eulerzyxMemory layout for an Euler Angle in ZYX (yaw-pitch-roll) format
 Caa_tf_quatMemory layout for a quaternion, x,y,z,w order
 Camino::QuatA quaternion object
 Caa_tf_qvMemory layout for a Transformation as rotation quaternion and translation vector
 Camino::QuatTranA rotation quaternion and translation vector object
 Caa_tf_qv_dxTransform and spatial velocity
 Caa_tf_rotmatMemory layout for a rotation matrix
 Camino::RotMatA rotation matrix object
 Caa_tf_tfmatMemory layout for a transformation matrix
 Camino::TfMatA transformation matrix object
 Caa_tf_vec3Memory layout for a vector of length 3
 Camino::Vec3A vector of length 3
 CMat< ROWS, 1 >
 CVec< ROWS >
 Camino::RegionAllocator< T >::rebind< U >
 Camino::RegionAllocator< T >An STL allocator that allocates out of a memory region
 Camino::RegionList< T >Typedefs for STL lists using region allocator
 Camino::RegionMap< K, T, C >Typedefs for STL map using region allocator
 Camino::RegionVector< T >Typedefs for STL vector using region allocator
 Camino::ScopedMutexLocks mutex on construction, unlocks on destruction
 Camino::XAngleA rotation about the X axis
 Camino::YAngleA rotation about the Y axis
 Camino::ZAngleA rotation about the Z axis