Lightweight Robot Utility Library
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Viewer GUI

Amino includes a simple 3D visualization and user interface.

GL Window


Mouse Camera Control

Mouse Action
Mouse Wheel Zoom In/Out (Camera Z)
Left-Click & Drag Rotate World Z / Camera X
Right-Click & Drag Translate Camera X / Y
Ctrl & Mouse Wheel Translate Left/Right (Camera X)
Shift & Mouse Wheel Translate Up/Down (Camera Y)
Ctrl Shift & Mouse Wheel Rotate Camera Z
Left-Click & Mouse Wheel Rotate Camera Z
Ctrl Alt & Mouse Wheel Rotate Global Z
Alt Shift & Mouse Wheel Rotate Camera X

Keyboard Camera Control

Key Action
Numpad - Zoom Out (Camera Z)
Numpad + Zoom In (Camera Z)
Numpad 4 Rotate World +Z
Numpad 6 Rotate World -Z
Numpad 8 Rotate Camera +X
Numpad 2 Rotate Camera -X
HOME Reset Camera


Key Action
F11 Toggle Fullscreen
c Copy Camera Pose to clipboard (see struct aa_tf_qv)

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